Scar revision is a surgical procedure done to alter the appearance of a preexisting scar.

Why does one need a scar revision?

Scars are the result of trauma or surgeries and remain long after the wound heals. Poor healing of the wound can cause unsightly or disfiguring scars. This might not only add to the aesthetic concern but also constantly remind about the trauma which happened years ago affecting the mental health of the patient. Scars may be prominent due to size, location , May be depressed or elevated, Pale or pigmented

Procedure Details

What one needs to understand is that scar revision will also eventually leave a finer scar. There is no scarless procedure. Unsightly or disfiguring or aesthetically unpleasuing scars can be excised or revised accordingly to produce an aesthetically pleasing scar. These are usually done under local anesthesia as an office procedure.