Multiple Lipoma

What is this condition?

Lipoma is a benign(non-cancerous ) lump which occurs due to overgrowth of fat cells. It can occur anywhere in the body where the fat cells are present. These do not turn into malignancy. Liposarcoma or cancerous tumor of fat cells is a soft tissue sarcoma which do not start as a lipoma.

What are the symptoms?

Soft lumps which are commonly noticed on the limbs, trunk, chest. Usually grow slowly over aperiod of months to years. Sometimes they may cause compression over underlying structure causing discomfort or pain.


The exact etiology is unknown . Some can inherit a rare condition called familial multiple lipomatosis, where they can present with multiple lumps involving the entire body.


Lipomas are benign tumors and do not need treatment unless they produce symptoms of pain, discomfort or sudden increase in size or change in consistency(hard,immobile). Most often patients come to treatment for aesthetic reasons. In such caese these lipomas can be safely removed either under local ansthesia or general anesthesia using minimal incisions depending on the number of lipomas.