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Breast Reduction Surgery in Chennai is a procedure in which large breasts are reduced in size to relieve the physical and emotional distress one faces.

breast reduction surgery in chennai


Most often women complain of shoulder pair, strap marks, small ulcers, inability to find the right innerwear and wear fitting clothes. Some suffer from emotional distress ranging from from low self esteem to depression sometimes affecting their career or even marital life.

Ideal Candidate

  • If you have large breasts giving you physical symptoms
  • You are doing this procedure for your self
  • With realistic expectations
  • In Good medical health
  • In Good physical health

Procedure Details

Breast Reduction Surgery is usually done under general anaesthesia. procedure takes about 2-3 hours and overnight stay st the hospital maybe required. After 48 hours the plasters will be removed and a supporting brassiere will be advised. Sutures will be removed after a weeks time. Follow up once a week followed by once in two weeks for a period of 6 weeks maybe required. Patient should refrain from strenuous activities for a period of 6-8 weeks. To get yourself examined, you can visit The Aesthetic Studio for Breast Reduction Surgery in Chennai

In addition to problems with heavy breasts, some individuals lack the right amount of breast size due to genetics. For those patients, we perform Breast Enlargement Surgery.

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