What is Breast Lift or Mastopexy?

Breast lift is a procedure in which saggy breasts are lifted, with or without adding volume to their ideal position by removing the excess skin and relieving the physical and emotional distress one faces.

What are the symptoms?

Most often women complain of saggy breasts which appear flat deflated and shrivelled. The shape and sometimes even the volume will be lost giving them an aged look. The nipples may be pointed downwards and the aerola may be enlarged. Most often finding the right innerwear and wearing fitting clothes would be difficult. Some suffer from emotional distress ranging from from low self esteem to depression sometimes affecting their career or even marital life.

Ideal Candidate

  • If you have saggy aethetically unpleasing breasts?
  • You are doing this procedure for your self to make you happy
  • Have realistic expectations
  • In sound physical and mental health