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There is good news for all the women who want Breast enlargement Surgery in Chennai. The Aesthetic Studio here in Chennai is well-equipped with the best services and experts for Breast Enlargement Surgery. Breasts are a symbol of feminity in women. Breast not only adds beauty but also a sense of pride and confidence in them. Women like to have a good shape and wear clothes which fit them perfectly.

Those with hypomastia have problems wearing fitting clothes, but it also affects their confidence and self-esteem. In some cases, it can affect performance at work or cause marital disputes in personal life.

Breast Enlargement Surgery in Chennai

Who needs a Breast Enlargement Surgery? (Enhancement)

  • Women who have small breasts
  • Women who have lost their volume post lactation, weight loss.
  • Women who have congenital anomalies like tuberous breast, Poland’s syndrome.
  • Women who have undergone mastectomy for breast cancer.

What are the options?

  • Breast implant( increasing the size using implants)
  • Breast fat fill (increasing the size using one’s fat)
  • Hybrid breast augmentation (combining the above two methods)

Breast Implant

For Breast Enlargement Surgery in Chennai, Breast implants have been a popular method all over the world. Implants give the desired shape and projection of choice. They come in two choices of filler substance, saline or silicone. The implants can be placed above the muscle (sub-glandular) or below the muscle (sub-muscular).

Breast Enlargement Surgery in Chennai

Preoperative Workup

A detailed discussion of expectations and examination can help to decide the size of the implants. The choice of placement, as well as the site, can be decided. All the patients are expected to do a routine blood examination and any special investigations if required for anesthesia. Smoking is to be stopped at least three weeks before the surgery. A routine ultrasound/mammogram is to be done for all patients before the procedure.

The procedure of Breast Implant

The breast implant is usually done as a daycare surgery. The incision is made (inframammary), the plane is developed (sub-glandular or submuscular), and the implants are placed through aseptic precautions. The wound is closed in layers.


  • It is done under general anesthesia and takes about 60 minutes.
  • Post Operative Care
  • Tight plasters are applied to keep the implants in their place.
  • The patients are advised a support bra to be worn from the second postoperative day up to at least two months. All intense activity and heavy weight lifting should be avoided for two months.

Possible Side Effects

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Capsular contracture
  • Rupture

Types of Breast Enlargement

Breast augmentation or enlargement can be done by implants or using one’s fat. Though most of us are familiar with implants, breast fat fill is a newer procedure which is slowly gaining popularity.

What is Breast Fat Fill?

Breast fat fill is a procedure in which the patient is aspirated from one area(tummy, thighs, arms) and is used to augment or enlarge their breasts.

Ideal Candidate

  • If you have small volume breasts with minimal or no sagging
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Ideal body weight
  • Realistic expectations


Breast fat fill is done as a daycare procedure under general anesthesia. Pre-operative markings and the areas from which fat is going to be aspirated is decided. Liposuction of the donor areas is done (tummy, thighs, back, arms) and the aspirated fat is injected into the breasts through a minimal incision (5mm) in the armpit/axilla. Postoperatively a compression garment to the area of liposuction and a support bra is advised for 6-8 weeks. Weight lifting activities to be avoided for two months.

The Difference In Results Compared To Breast Implant

Breast fat filling provides a few advantages over breast implants, including the use of one’s fat and the removal of fat from an undesirable location to augment the desired area. There are no scars over the breasts, only in the armpits. However, it is important to remember that up to 20-30% of the injected fat may be absorbed, and the patient may require another sitting to achieve the best effects.

The aesthetic studio functions as a one-stop shop for all breast-related treatments. So, if you’re looking for Breast Enlargement Surgery in Chennai, The Aesthetic Studio is the place to be.

Besides breast enlargement, we also offer liposuction and breast reduction surgery.

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